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Basis gets you closer to your long-term vision, first by meeting your short-term goals.

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Startups and enterprises hire us when they can’t afford to fail. As the technology of our world gets increasingly more complex, your brand and product are being asked to adapt to more situations, more platforms, more devices, and a more global audience than ever. That’s why you need the expertise of a studio that builds true systems: From the first touch of brand awareness to the product needs of your most engaged user, Basis sees it all as part of one holistic experience.

Whether it’s shaping a new venture 0 → 1, evolving an existing company 1 → N, or taking an industry leader from N → XYZ, Basis has a formula that delivers results in record time. Our team is respected for crafting world-class experiences through our signature Product and Brand Trials, led by Michal Škvarenina, the design director behind digital experiences for Google, Airbnb, Red Bull, Mastercard, PC Financial, and more.

When you want to build enduring digital products for an increasingly-digital future, first establish your Basis.

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  • Research

  • Brand Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • Brand identity

  • UX & UI Design

  • Interaction Design

  • Implementation

  • Webflow Development

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